What do I want ? What do I want ? What do I want ?  What do I want ?  I want… to share something, with you! This is Pavlov. Hello Pavlov! Say hello! Margot, say hello to Pavlov!
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betsy wolfe during a summer in ohio

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"Usually, when I go on as Joly and I walk by the hair department, they’re like ‘Push you hair down. Push your hair down' And when I went on as Marius, they're like 'Push your hair up. Push your hair up.’”


I am very glad that through Sebastian Stan the problem of European/Western European racism against Eastern Europeans is addressed on this site because racism is just so different in Europe. 

Like, for Americans he might be another white dude, but for Europeans it’s different. We see the everyday racism directed towards people of Eastern European decent. From my experience being Russian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian etc. is a lot more difficult around here than being black or latino or Asian.

So please stop saying things like “Romanian trash”. For people outside of Europe it might be just another country but for me it reads the same way as “Mexican trash” would read for you.

Bonus task: try and remember the last time you’ve seen Russian and/or Ukranian people on American tv who weren’t the following things:

a)Bad And Evil Guys (hello, Cold War!) or related to mob

Personally, I can only recall Helena from Orphan Black who’s a total psycho and also not entirely Ukranian (and the show is Canadian, oops).


Stephen Ashfield being the light of my life

Cillian Murphy by Vassilis Karidis for So It Goes magazine. A sneak peek at Issue 3 out next week. (X)


I finally got around to making my Chess In Concert recording and I had to name them all so.