ABC’s new show, Galavant, for those who can’t get past the region lock on Youtube

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The actor playing Joseph Buquet misses his cue, so Heather McFadden sings Magical Lasso in his place [x]


i can’t believe i did this

Les MisérAbba - Replacing (almost) every les mis song for an Abba song

1. Knowing me, Knowing you (The Work song) 2. I Have a Dream (I Dreamed a Dream) 3. Gimme Gimme Gimme (A man after midnight) (Lovely Ladies) 4. Take a Chance on Me (Confrontation) 5. Super Trouper (Castle on a Cloud) 6. Money Money Money (Look Down) 7. Lay all your Love on Me  (Red & Black) 8. Voulez-Vous (Do you hear the people sing?) 9. Honey Honey (In my life) 10. Mamma Mia (A Heart full of love) 11. I’m Just a Girl (On My Own) 12. Dancing Queen (Little Fall Of Rain) 13. When All Is Said and Done (Drink With Me) 14. Waterloo (The Final Battle) 15. The Winner Takes It All (Javert’sSuicide) 16. One Of Us (Empty Chairs At Empty Tables) 17. Slipping Through My Fingers (Finale/Valjeans Death) 18. Thank You For The Music (Epilogue)

[listen here]

Marie Antoinette, by Annie Leibowitz for Vogue, 2006 

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2014 Emmy FYC panel photos (set 1)

olivier awards winners gavin creel and stephen ashfield


Everyone say hello to the new West End Grantaire…Christian Edwards! (x)


He doesn’t remember where exactly they were in Leptis Magna, can’t remember the features or building or what direction they were facing. He just remembers Enjolras, turning back to smile at him against the backdrop of once-sacred battered columns and savage clouds that suddenly broke, and there was light around them, and suddenly Enjolras was incandescent. Light itself was in love with Enjolras in that moment, and Grantaire was helpless to do anything but follow its lead.

GNOMON; by luchia

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