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Sochi 2014Canadian coach helps Russian skier cross the finish line

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#i choked

I fell asleep, and when I woke up the man next to me asked, ‘Excuse me, are you someone important?’ I must have looked confused. He explained: ‘I’m asking because the stewardesses came over and were watching you sleep.’

Eddie Redmayne [about a recent flight] (via iloveeddieredmayne) —

Lotte Verbeek - shoot.

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Eddie Redmayne attempts sports

favourite west end performers, 4/? ›› ashley day

guess who’s going to London tomorrow?



Know thou first,
I loved the maid I married; never man
Sigh’d truer breath; but that I see thee here,
Thou noble thing! more dances my rapt heart
Than when I first my wedded mistress saw
Bestride my threshold.

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